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What I ate Wednesday-FALL edition #1

First off all, I just want to say thank you to JENN for hosting WIAW! 

I  apologize for not being a good blogger these past  couples of months but, I PROMISE YOU I HAVE LEGIT REASONS for this.

Anyway, unfortantely I do not have any pictures of the  food that I ate today because, I took a bunch this week, and my phone decided not to save them:

But, here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Overnight oats. I put lots of cinnamon in them! YUM!

Snack: Three slices  Pumpkin bread+  a cup of yogurt+ a delicious green smoothie.

Lunch: Leftover pasta

Snack: VEggies +pita bread+ hummus.

Dinner: Chicken wrap + macaroni and cheese.

Now, that I have my eats for the day out of the way i want to tell you the real reason that, I have not been blogging much lately. I have been getting the help that I truly needed. I won”t get into too much more detail about this subject, because I am not ready to share everything yet as, I am still going through treatment  but, I will tell you that I feel 110% better these days. Since, I have been going through treatment, a lot has changed in my life, and I feel like I am a new person because of it. I no longer am letting food control my life, although there are periods where I have bad days still, and must remind myself to listen to my body when it comes towhat I eat, not my ED voice.Being in treatment has taught me  many good things about not only myself, my health, but also about life in general.I believe, that I have a much better life now that, i am going through treatment, and will continue live a great life after it is over.

My neighbor went to the FARMERS MARKET THIS WEEKEND AND BROUGHT ME BACK FOUR BAGS FULL OF GOODIES  from there!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! What are some good ways to use fall veggies like Kale, corn, squash, pumpkin etc? Igf, you have any good recipes or ideas on what to do with them let me know!


Feeling insecure about your Body image

 I know this is something I have talked about before, but this week, particularly the last few days, I have been feeling very insecure about my body image. There are multiple reasons for this, and a lot of them have to do with the way people,specifically my close friends and family have been talking to me lately. I have gotten multiple, texts, phone calls, and emails from these people who are concerned about me. I know, they all have good intentions by bringing this up to me and they don’t mean any harm by it, they are just really concerned about me , but lately I have been feeling like they are attacking me. Sad smile


So, my question for everyone is: How do you deal with people who always have negative things to say about your body image, or who are just negative toward you all the time? Do you stand up for yourself? Do you just ignore them and walk away? What are your thoughts on this? I ask, because right now all I have done is walk away and then later on start feeling bad about what they said to me, and take it very personally. Should I have a different approach to dealing with their negative comments?

My fear of dating guys

I have a confession to make…Yes, thats right. I said I have a fear of dating guys.Ever since, I dating the last guy I was with (who got me pregnant!) I have had this fear.There are several reasons that I am afraid to date another guy. The biggest reason is because I am afraid of getting hurt another guy. So, many guys in the past  twelve or so years have broken my heart, and honestly, I am tired of it. I feel like I am a good person and don’t deserve to ever have my heart broken, especially by some guy who doesn’t take enough time to get to know me. To me, if you go out on one date with someone and then decide to dump them, you are not judging them by the person who they truly are. Let’s face it, can you really get to know a person by going out with them one time? I don’t think so. If, you think that you can them you are crazy…and judging them by the person you think they are on the outside not the person they are on the inside. I am hoping that someday I can find someone that truly loves me for the person that I am on the inside, and not the person I appear to be on the outside. My looks may not be that great, but I will tell you that I am a compassionate, kind hearted person on the inside, that would never hurt anyone. EVER. No matter what. I hope someday, somebody see this in me.