Feeling insecure about your Body image

 I know this is something I have talked about before, but this week, particularly the last few days, I have been feeling very insecure about my body image. There are multiple reasons for this, and a lot of them have to do with the way people,specifically my close friends and family have been talking to me lately. I have gotten multiple, texts, phone calls, and emails from these people who are concerned about me. I know, they all have good intentions by bringing this up to me and they don’t mean any harm by it, they are just really concerned about me , but lately I have been feeling like they are attacking me. Sad smile


So, my question for everyone is: How do you deal with people who always have negative things to say about your body image, or who are just negative toward you all the time? Do you stand up for yourself? Do you just ignore them and walk away? What are your thoughts on this? I ask, because right now all I have done is walk away and then later on start feeling bad about what they said to me, and take it very personally. Should I have a different approach to dealing with their negative comments?


About runningeater

Hey my name is Kalie! And I am a girl that is 22 years old and striving to live a healthy liufestyle! My passions are working out, eating healthy, cooking, watching sport, andliving life to the fullest!

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  1. Seeking A Surfer Body

    I get it all the time. I believe that is one big reason who I thought was my “BFF” has just recently completely cut me out of her life, without ever even telling me she was doing so. It hurts, but I guess we don’t just see eye to eye. The fact is, there are people who are never going to understand fitness & nutrition. No matter how small or big it fits into someone’s life, it’s always going to be extreme to someone else. You just have to say “that’s ok” and let it roll off your shoulder. And if you have to, point out that you don’t obsess over them or all of the burgers and fries they eat three times a week.

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