My fear of dating guys

I have a confession to make…Yes, thats right. I said I have a fear of dating guys.Ever since, I dating the last guy I was with (who got me pregnant!) I have had this fear.There are several reasons that I am afraid to date another guy. The biggest reason is because I am afraid of getting hurt another guy. So, many guys in the past  twelve or so years have broken my heart, and honestly, I am tired of it. I feel like I am a good person and don’t deserve to ever have my heart broken, especially by some guy who doesn’t take enough time to get to know me. To me, if you go out on one date with someone and then decide to dump them, you are not judging them by the person who they truly are. Let’s face it, can you really get to know a person by going out with them one time? I don’t think so. If, you think that you can them you are crazy…and judging them by the person you think they are on the outside not the person they are on the inside. I am hoping that someday I can find someone that truly loves me for the person that I am on the inside, and not the person I appear to be on the outside. My looks may not be that great, but I will tell you that I am a compassionate, kind hearted person on the inside, that would never hurt anyone. EVER. No matter what. I hope someday, somebody see this in me.


About runningeater

Hey my name is Kalie! And I am a girl that is 22 years old and striving to live a healthy liufestyle! My passions are working out, eating healthy, cooking, watching sport, andliving life to the fullest!

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  1. Dating is like going on an interview. You wouldn’t expect to get every job you interviewed for because sometimes it’s just not a good fit. Just because things don’t work out after a first date or even several, it just means that it’s not a good match.

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